The Dunhill Petrol Lighter. A ‘Unique’ Story by Davide Blei & Luciano Bottoni

The Dunhill Petrol Lighter is a must-have reference for all lovers of beautiful smoking accessories

The Dunhill Petrol Lighter. A ‘Unique’ Story by Davide Blei & Luciano Bottoni

Foreward by Richard Dunhill

Introduction by Luciano Bottoni

Brand: Dunhill

Authors:  Davide Blei & Luciano Bottoni

Title: The Dunhill Petrol Lighter – A ‘Unique’ Story

Language: English

Dimensions: 25 cm x 31 cm x 3,8 cm

Weight: 2600g

ISBN 88-901596-0-X

346 Pages

Reference book

Hardcover in slipcase, circa 900 colour photos, circa 80b/w photos, 4000 printed copies

In collaboration with Dunhill Museum & Archive, 50 Jermyn Street, London SW1. The Dunhill Petrol Lighter is the first ever reference book on Alfred Dunhill’s important production of petrol lighters, from the first model introduced in 1914 to the last new petrol lighter catalogued in 1959. Aimed at both the neophyte who wants to start collecting these wonderful everyday smoking accessories as well as the advanced and passionate collector of exclusive Dunhill top-of-the-line lighters, it covers the catalogued collections as well as the special workshop pieces which, in the 1920’s and 1930’s became icons of their time. The result of years of research and study, The Dunhill Petrol Lighter provides an extensive overview of the history and role of petrol lighters within the overall Alfred Dunhill product line, details of the production and commercial strategy used by the company to become an undisputed worldwide leader for this line of product, and a comprehensive photographic catalogue of Dunhill petrol lighters (both industrial and workshop productions). The book also sheds light on a remarkable and important aspect of the art Deco period. Included is everything the collector needs: how to collect; documentation on patent numbers and markings; information on workshops and craftsmen; more than a thousand pictures of collection grade pieces to aid in the classification and dating of Dunhill lighters. The Dunhill Petrol Lighter is a must-have reference for all lovers of beautiful smoking accessories


Foreward by Richard Dunhill

Introduction by Luciano Bottoni

  1. A unique vision. Alfred Dunhill, entrepreneur
  2. A unique story. Alfred Dunhill and Petrol Lighters
  3. A unique strategy. The Dunhill world
  1. A unique passion. Collecting Dunhill lighters
  2. A unique Catalogue. The Dunhill Petrol lighters

– Straight arm, pocket

– Straight arm, table

– Dunhill arm, pocket

– Dunhill arm, table

– Pocket

– Table

  1. Appendices

About the Authors

Davide Blei

Born in 1943, is an active entrepreneur and manager on behalf of Italian companies wishing to promote their advertising activities in the world’s foreign media. A dedicated collector, not only has he a vast number of Dunhill lighters but also Patek Philippe watches, French and English erotic canes as well as contemporary works from all over the world form a large part of his collection. His enthusiasm always leads him to meticulously research and acquire an in-depth knowledge of the various objects and pieces which interest him, thus bringing him into close contact with exhibitors and collectors from all other countries. In Italy, from his beloved Milan, recognised capital of design and fashion, Davide Blei is in constant touch with various collectors, dealers and people of culture.

Luciano Bottoni

Born in 1950, is a long-time expert in vintage objects, specialising in  Dunhill lighters, fountain pens and corkscrews, of which he is also an enthusiastic collector. He organises special collectors’ events, including two corkscrew exhibitions for which he wrote the catalogues, and is an advisor to serious collectors. He lives and trades in London and Milan

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