Ref. 35913 // Launch: December 2004 // Spanish market.


Ref. 35913 // Launch: December 2004 //

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Salvador Dalí

A whimsical tribute to Salvador Dalí’s centennial birth in 2004. Salvador Dalí, perhaps the most influential Spanish surrealist, is best known for his striking, unique, and at times captivatingly bizarre paintings.

Design features

Dalí’s undeniable skill and attention to the smallest detail is well reflected in this limited edition fountain pen.

Salvador Dalì – The picturesque career of a total work of art

Salvator Felipe Jacinto Dali’ y Domenech was born in Figueres, Spain, on 11 May 1904, the son of a notary. Encouraged by a friend of the family, he discovered his love of art and his exeptional painting talent while still at school. Having obtained his school-leaving certificate, he entrolled at the famous Academy of San Ferdinando in 1922 to study art. During the course of the next few years, Dali’ proceeded to perfect his different techniques, but he refused to sit the final examination on the graunds that he did not consider the professors sufficiently competent to judge his accomplishment. The successes he amassed upon graduating from the Academy proved him right. On a visit to Paris in 1929, Dali’ made the aquaitance of Gala Eluard who, married and 10 years his senior, was to become his companion and, above all, his muse and source of inspiration. It was thanks to her support that Dali’ achieved his breakthrough as one of the world’s greatest Surrealist artist, who was decorated for his work with the highest honour awarded in Spain, the Grand Cross of the Order of Carlos III. Salvador Dali’ died on January 1989. His remains were laid to rest in the Teatro-Museo Dali’ de Figueras, which he himself created as his greatest Surrealist work. To mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, Montblanc is dedicating an edition of unique writing utensils to this unforgettable artist: the “ A Tribute to Salvator Dali’” Limited Edition.

From student of the Surrealism to Grand Master

It quickly became evident that Dali’ possessed an extraordinary talent; today he his considered one of the most important Surrealist artists. The year 1929 was decisive in the life of the painter. In collaboration with the filmmaker Luis Bunuel, he showed the film “Un chien andalou” in Paris, a film which served as a letter of introduction to the artistic and cultural circles of Paris and which assured his place in the group of Surrealists led by André Breton. During the early thirties Dali’ discovered his own style, his own particular language and form of expression which were always to remain with him and, although his style would continue to change and develop, were what deep down we are familiar with and which so clearly distinguishes him – a mixture of avant-garde and tradition. Like the artists of the Renaissance, Dali’ was not content to limit himself to a single medium of artistic expression. He branched out, turning into a multi-faceted artist: painter, writer, cartoonist, sculptor, designer, stage designer, illustrator, filmmaker. In all these manifestations, he is Dali’.

A tribute to Salvador Dalí, the art of exceptional design

Inspired by the lines of perspective that are typical for Dali’s works of art, a wavy guilloche pattern accentuates, the tapering barrel of the 750 white and yellow gold fountain pen. The Montblanc star in mother-of-pearl puts the finishing touch to the cone of the skeleton overlay cap, engraved with a filigree replica of Dali’s signature. The clip of the fountain pen takes the form of a fork, a characteristic feature of many of his paintings, topped with a finely crafted wheel. With the masterfully worked portrait of Salvator Dali’ on the 18-carat gold nib and a limited edition of 100 pieces designed to commemorate the centennial of his birth this year, this edition pays tribute to an immortal artist.

Notice for MB Artisan Collectors

2004, what outstanding year for Montblanc Artisan Dept! In December 2004 MB launched the Salvador Dali LE100. And it was just the icing on the cake. Here is a list of the models presented in 2004 (chronological order): Montblanc Von Karajan LE95, Montblanc Cardinal Richelieu LE40, Montblanc The Ancient Games LE28, Montblanc The Magical Black Widow LE88, Montblanc 4th of July LE56, Montblanc Brandenburger Tor LE89, Montblanc Teatro alla Scala di Milano LE78*. The combination between a so utterly unique design with the importance of the Artist make this reference 35913 a truly masterpiece among the early MB Artisan production. Many examples were reserved for Spanish market (as local/home market). The Dalí here offered for sale is one of them (the Certificate shows the stamp of MB flagship store in Barcelona).

* We actually have almost all of 2004 MB Artisan models in our Company inventory.

Nota bene:

For privacy reasons the limitation/serial number will be revealed to the concerned Buyer only. We fully support the idea that luxury must be comfortable so, for this kind of product (Montblanc Artisan Edition pens), we offer a worldwide bespoke “delivery in person” service. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us ( or Whatsapp +33 6 70271787).


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