The four seasons of Namiki by Christophe Larquemin

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Book The four seasons of Namiki by Christophe Larquemin

English Version

Brand: Namiki

Author:  Christophe Larquemin

Title: The four seasons of Namiki

Language: English

Dimensions: 29.6 cm x 23.4 cm x 2.3 cm

Weight: 1400g

ISBN 978-2-7466-04990-2
pp. 200

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A rare book of exquisite beauty by Christophe Larquemin, only 1,000 copies of this were produced in English. Each page shows full colored photographs. A short history of the Namiki pen company and some of the techniques used to produced them is followed by detailed photographs showcasing some of the pens. This book traces the history of the brand, the episode Dunhill Namiki, the millenniums secrets of the urushi laquer manufacturing and all the wealth and refinement of maki-e technique.

The Four Seasons of Namiki // CONTENTS


Reminiscence by André Mora


Short story by Jean-François Canton


Reminiscence by Peter Tilley


– Accessories

– Techniques

– The marketplace

– Signatures

– Dunhill Museum (Tokyo)

– End

– Glossary

– Acknowledgments

About the Author (from the back cover):

After an initiation into the luxury industry, Christophe Larquemin founded Velvet in 2001 to concentrate on fine writing instruments. His commitment to providing the highest quality of service ensured his rapid success, and he now travels all over the world, untiringly, to ferret out the rarest pens for his ever-more-discerning Collectors. It was during one of these journeys that he was enthralled by the art of Japanese lacquer masters employed by Namiki. This enccounter changed his life and his abiding passion gradually turned him into an expert of international standing. CL’s love of Namiki pens goes well beyond a commercial interest: he sees in them the embodiment of respect for the crafsmanship and traditions he cherishes. More than luxury objects, they are works of art, endowed with the mark of magic and history. It is therefore natural that CL should have decided to dedicate a book to these masterpieces, inviting us by the same token to visit a dream-like, truly extraordinary universe.

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