MONTBLANC Beijing Opera Masks Asia Artisan Edition

Limited Edition 88 Fountain Pen – Year 2008

MONTBLANC Beijing Opera Masks Artisan Limited Edition 88 Fountain Pen

Ref. 103125

Launch: August 2008

Paying tribute to the famous Beijing Opera, symbolised with two coloured masks on the cap, rooted in the old Chinese dynasties. Limited to 88 pieces worldwide as reference to the lucky number in asia (double eight).

Emperor Qianlong & Beijing Opera

Qianlong, the fourth emperor of the King dynasty and the longest-reigning Emperor in China’s history, ruled the Chinese empire between 1735 and 1796. His reign is considered to be the peak of the Qing Dynasty, a time of prosperity, stability and the flourishing of culture. Qianlong not only guided the fortunes of the empire with care and skill, but was also himself a keen artist and patron of arts. He was a poet and calligrapher, and promoted China’s musical culture. On his 80th birthday in 1790, Qianlong invited to his court some highly-talented opera troupes from the southern provinces to provide entertainment during the celebrations. Yhey received a rapturous welcome and were engaged as an ensemble at the Imperial Court.The evolution of the regional styles of opera eventually resulted in a new style of its own: Beijing Opera, which remains to this day the highest expression of Chinese Culture. That’s why the year 1790 is generally held to mark the beginning of the evolution towards Beijing Opera.

Hou YI – The legendary saviour of the world

The roles and characters of Beijing Opera are based on centuries-old stories and legends from Chinese mythology. One of the best know male roles, identified by his striking red mask, is Hou YI, a mythical figure from the Xia dynasty. According to Chinese folk mythology, in primeval times there were ten suns in the sky at the same time, threatening to burn up all life on earth. In desperation Yao, the ruler of China, implored the gods for salvation. Hou YI, the archer of the gods, was sent to avert the end of the world. With his bow and arrows, Hou YI set about shooting down one sun after another from the heavens, until only a single sun remained in the sky. Hou YI was therefore the saviour and hero of mankind.

Beijing Opera Masks Limited Edition – A tribute to the supreme expression of Chinese culture.

The celestial archer Hou YI, whose courage saved the world, is one of the most illustrious roles at the Beijing Opera. It is his mask which brings its imposing character to adorn the Beijing Opera Mask Limited Edition 88 FP, made of 18K – 750 white gold and with a case of black lacquer. Skilfully crafted from white gold with lacquer inlay, the mask of Hou YI on the cap of this writing instrument expresses the legendary enchantment that the Beijing Opera has displayed since its beginnings – a magic spell enhanced even more by the rings set with diamonds, the shou symbol of good luck on the clip, and the finely engraved decoration on the tapered filler cap and ring of the cap. The mask of Hou YI is engraved on the rhodium-plated 18k – 750 nib too. In homage to the number eight, the number that brings good fortune in Chinese lore, this truly extraordinary Artisan Edition reference, created in 2008, is limited to 88 specimens only.

Design Features:

Made from 18k – 750 white gold with black lacquer, this pen is decorated with an image of the mask of Hou Yi, a character from Chinese mythology, his image painted in bright lacquer upon the cap. Body and cap are circled by four rings of diamonds (approx. 0.79ct). 5 5/8″ (14.4 cm). 18K medium rhodium plated gold nib engraved with the same mask. Medium (M). Red lacquer presentation box with all original packaging and papers. Limited Edition: ##/88.

We fully support the idea that luxury must be comfortable so, for this kind of product (Montblanc Artisan Edition), we offer a worldwide bespoke “delivery in person” service. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us ( or Whatsapp +33 6 70271787).

Bijing Opera Masks Montblanc


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