30 Pieces – Years 2003 – 2012 – Rare is an understatement


A masterly series for Connoisseurs and Collectors of exquisite orininals.

Up for bid is a rare and complete collection (full set) of Limited Edition Montblanc Annual Edition. Since 2003, Montblanc has issued three new writing instruments a year in the Annual Edition range, each of which was only available for a year in a limited edition of 300 pieces. Made of the finest Meissen porcelain, the caps are decorated by hand-painted images.Each cap is decorated with both the crossed blue swords – the symbol of Meissen porcelain manufacture – and the year of the edition. Each porcelain cap is one of its kind, if damaged it can be repaired, but it cannot be replaced. The gold-plated, guilloche-style barrel and the specific 4810 nib made of 18-karat gold perfect this edition of exquisite writing instruments. The Annual Edition from Montblanc is a tribute to the culture of days gone by and a joy for collectors of exquisite writing instruments.

The Montblanc annual Edition is a collector’s series made of white Meissen porcelain featuring carefully hand-painted motifs from the legendary world of Classical Myths”, the magical atmosphere of the “Venetian Carnival” and the fantastic realm of “Mythical Creatures”. Each year, between 2003 and 2012, Montblanc used new images to illustrate the universe of Venetian carnival, ancien mythology and the realm of fabled creatures, creating a harmonious Collection of exquisite writing instruments.

The Collection consists of:

Year 2003 (launch: September 2002)

Annual Edition 2003 Mythical Creatures – Blue Lion (Ref. 7411)

Annual Edition 2003 Venetian Carnival – Coviello (Ref. 7412)

Annual Edition 2003 Classical Myths – Leda (Ref. 7413)

Year 2004 (launch: September 2003)

Annual Edition 2004 Mythical Creatures –Flying Dragon (Ref. 8593)

Annual Edition 2004 Venetian Carnival – Columbine (Ref. 8594)

Annual Edition 2004 Classical Myths – Europa riding the Bull (Ref. 8596)

Year 2005 (launch: September 2004)

Annual Edition 2005 Mythical Creatures –Bird of Paradise (Ref. 9745)

Annual Edition 2005 Venetian Carnival – Arlecchino / Harlequin (Ref. 9743)

Annual Edition 2005 Classical Myths – Venus and Amor (Ref. 9737)

Year 2006 (launch: September 2005)

Annual Edition 2006 Mythical Creatures –Yellow Tiger (Ref. 35385)

Annual Edition 2006 Venetian Carnival – Pantalone (Ref. 35925)

Annual Edition 2006 Classical Myths –Daphne (Ref. 35924)

Year 2007 (launch: September 2006)

Annual Edition 2007 Mythical Creatures –The Crane (Ref. 38022)

Annual Edition 2007 Venetian Carnival – Pulcinella (Ref. 38021)

Annual Edition 2007 Classical Myths –Amphitrite (Ref. 38020)

Year 2008 (launch: September 2007)

Annual Edition 2008 Mythical Creatures –Cerberus (Ref. 0101176)

Annual Edition 2008 Venetian Carnival – Pagliaccio (Ref. 0101177)

Annual Edition 2008 Classical Myths –Danae (Ref. 0101178)

Year 2009 (launch: September 2008)

Annual Edition 2009 Mythical Creatures –Rich Dragon (Ref. 102402)

Annual Edition 2009 Venetian Carnival – Mezzetino (Ref. 102403)

Annual Edition 2009 Classical Myths –Diana and Aktäon (Ref. 102404)

Year 2010 (launch: September 2009)

*SEALED* Annual Edition 2010 Mythical Creatures –Leaping Fish (Carp/Goldfish) (Ref. 105201)

Annual Edition 2010 Venetian Carnival – Il Capitano (Ref. 105202)

Annual Edition 2010 Classical Myths –Dyonysus (Ref. 105203)

Year 2011 (launch: September 2010)

Annual Edition 2011 Mythical Creatures –Papillon / Butterfly (Ref. 105800)

Annual Edition 2011 Venetian Carnival – Il Dottore (Ref. 105801)

Annual Edition 2011 Classical Myths –Athene (Ref. 105802)

Year 2012 (launch: September 2011)

*SEALED* Annual Edition 2012 Mythical Creatures – The Peacock (Ref. 106636)

*SEALED* Annual Edition 2012 Venetian Carnival –Isabella (Ref. 106639)

*SEALED* Annual Edition 2012 Classical Myths –Zeus (Ref. 106637)

Fully working and ready to write. Converter filling. Medium (M) Annual Edition 4810 18k – 750 gold nibs. Never used, never inked. Pristine condition. Each pen comes complete with all specific boxes, packaging and papers. As new. All the collection was purchased @ Montblanc Boutique in Paris. Papers are stamped accordingly. We fully support the idea that luxury must be comfortable so, for this kind of product, we offer a worldwide bespoke “delivery in person” service. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us (your emails to or DM via Whatsapp to +33 6 70271787 are welcome and encouraged). More than 150 photos were taken to capture the inner beauty of this Museum-quality Collection. Enjoy the below attached gallery.

annual edition

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