MONTBLANC 2012 America's Signatures for Freedom Andrew Jackson Limited Edition 50 Fountain Pen

MONTBLANC 2012 Andrew Jackson Limited Edition 50 Fountain Pen

MONTBLANC 2012 America’s Signatures for Freedom Andrew Jackson Limited Edition 50 Fountain Pen

Ref. 106919

Mod. M28717

Limited Edition: ##/50 

Year: 2012

Made in Germany

Without union our independence and liberty would never have been achieved; without union they never can be maintained… The loss of liberty, of all good government, of peace, plenty, and happiness, must inevitably follow a dissolution of the Union. Andrew Jackson. Second Inaugural Address, 1833

In recognition of the 50 states, the Andrew Jackson Edition, as the fifth in the Collection, is strictly limited to 50 pieces. The architectural skeleton pattern on the body and cap symbolizes the extravagant ceiling in the East Room of the White House that Jackson had decorated during his presidency. 

The clip, an exquisite masterpiece of detail, is engraved with his portrait and has a blue sapphire to symbolize the principles of the Jacksonian Democracy. The black rings refer to his military role as a General and to his endurance and strength that inspired his soldiers to nickname him “Old Hickory”.

The America’s Signatures for Freedom is engravedon the handcrafted 18K gold nib and complemented with 13 stars to commemorate the States that adopted the Declaration of Independence in the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 and signed it a month later. The 750 solid gold fountain pen, crowned by the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl, is embellished with Andrew Jackson’s signature and with his dates of Office.

Excellent condition, not inked.  Comes together with outer box (slightly worn), inner box, lacquer display box with clear window, leatherbound book, papers (Certificate & International reply card).  Booklet duly signed and stamped: “Montblanc Simplo GmbH / Hellgrundweg 100 / D22525 Hamburg.” Limitation numbers on pen, booklet & outer box label all match. Set includes a leatherbound volume: Andrew Jackson The Hero. A selection of documents. Wendell Garrett, Thornwillow Press, 2011. 300 copies of ANDREW JACKSON THE HERO were printed during the Autumn of 2011. The text was set in Caslon and printed letterpress. Fify copies are bound especially for Montblanc in full leather.