NAMIKI Emperor - Flat Top - Maki-E Limited Edition 99 Polar Bear

Maki-E Artist: Seiki CHIDA
Year: 2009

NAMIKI Emperor – Flat Top – Maki-E Limited Edition 99 Polar Bear

Endangered Species Collection Fountain pen

Namiki 18K 750 gold #50 Size Medium (M) Nib
Maki-E Artist: Seiki CHIDA
Limited Edition: #04/99
Year: 2009

The 2009 Limited Edition Polar Bear was conceived to raise awareness of nature’s delicate balance and the beauty of the environment. 2009 Limited Edition Namiki Polar Bear Limited Edition is meticulously crafted by renowned urushi artisan Seiki Chida through a combination of maki-e technique. Three different techniques were employed to achieve a stunning three dimensional visual effect. This masterpiece is an excellent collectible because of its deep blue lacquer and the elegant gift box that comes with a lid decorated with a flossed glass representing the sea-ice. Only 99 pieces were ever made. This specimen brings a very appealing and low limitation number: 04/99.  Medium (M)18ct gold nib imprinted with Mt. Fuji in a white platinum wash and the Namiki pentagon. With special designed ink bottle and special gift box depicting the Arctic Ocean. Includes all original boxes, papers and packaging: wooden box, packaging, ink bottle, certificates, instruction manual and artisan autographed paper. Mint condition.

NAMIKI Ours polaire, stylo plume série limitée sortie en 2009 à 99 exemplaires (n° 04), sur la base du modèle Empereur (175 mm) mais avec les extrémités plates. Exceptionnel travail de laque maki-e et raden représentant une famille d’ours polaire sur la banquise avec l’océan arctique et une aurore boréale. Plume n°50 moyenne, remplissage compte-gouttes. Dans son coffret specifique. Etat neuf.


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