MONTBLANC Artisan Patron of Art Limited Edition Homage to Scipione Borghese LE 89 

a.k.a. Wunderkammer Edition – Ref : 115995 – Year 2017

Artisan Patron of Art Limited Edition
Homage to Scipione Borghese LE 89
Wunderkammer Edition
Year 2017
Ref : 115995

Here things are provided more for the visitor than  for the owner
Excerpt from the inscription at the entrance of Villa Borghese

Created in the Montblanc Artisan Atelier from the finest materials and shaped by highly skilled master craftsmen with the utmost care and absolute dedication, the Patron of Art Limited Edition Homage to Scipione Borghese LE 89 embodies the same passionate spirit for fine art as its namesake. From the skeletonised Au750 gold gold barrel inlaid with exotic items, to the AU 750 nib engraved with details of the Borghese Vase, every detail is a masterful tribute to this great patron of art.
Scipione Borghese
The Montblanc Patron of Art 2017 is dedicated to Scipione Borghese (1577-1633). Scipione Borghese is considered one of the greatest and most influential patrons of Baroque art in Rome, Italy. His rapid rise in the Catholic Church brought with it great financial rewards, which allowed him to invest in art on an impressive scale. Scipione Caffarelli was 28 years old in 1605 when  his life was changed by a stroke of good fortune. His uncle, Camillo Borghese, elected Pope Paul V in 1605, made him a cardinal  allowing him to adopt the aristocratic Borghese name.
Scipione was empowered with the finances of both the Papacy and the Borghese Family, thus becoming one of the wealthiest men of his time. His enormous fortune was channelled into art. As patron to many artist, such has Gian Lorenzo Bernini and the painter Caravaggio, he paved their way to world fame. Their works formed the initial collection of the Galleria Borghese (one of the most valuable and significant art collections in Europe), which the cardinal, with his keen understanding of art, opened to international audiences.
To honour Scipione Caffarelli Borghese, Montblanc created the Patron of Art Homage to Scipione Borghese LE 89.
Art Patron with an expert eye
During his lifetime, cardinal Scipione Borghese was regarded as an important patron of culture. He was particularly fond of two young artists, both of whom went on to achieve great fame: the sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini and the painter Caravaggio. Some of their early masterpieces were among the works he displayed in the renowned Borghese Gallery, where opulent rooms were filled with art and fine forniture.
Borghese commissioned Gian Lorenzo Bernini to create numerous sculptures, including two portrait busts of the cardinal himself. Carviaggo likewise a protégé of Borghese at the time, took completely new paths in painting. His combination of sacred motifs depicted with everyday scenes was an innovation that was to shape the art of painting for centuries. The works of Bernini and Caravaggio formed the initial inventory for the Galleria Borghese, which was founded by Scipione Borghese himself. With confident feeling for milestones in art, he enriched his collection with masterpieces from Titian, Raphael and other significant artists of the Renaissance.
Collectiong art treasures was a fashionable occupation for many leading personages of the time. They often possessed extravagant cabinets of curiosities, reflecting their power and position. Cabinets of curiosity often contained archeological rarities, historic relics or antiquities, and the cabinet itself was an highly ornamented piece of furniture, often with unusual designs and secret compartments. The exotic materials used to create these cabinets, and the exquisite objects within them, provided inspiration for the design of the Patron of Art Homage to Scipione Borghese LE 89.
Like a miniature glimpse of all the wonderful treasures in the world, the skeletonised barrel beautifully encloses inserts of lapislazuli, mammouth ivory, paua shell and fossilised dinosaur bone.
In reference to one of Bernini’s most praised sculptures, the 89-inch Rape of Proserpina commissioned by Scipione Borghese and displayed in the Borghese Gallery, the edition is limited to 89 pieces.
Collector of world-class art
Demonstrating his extensive knowledge of art history, Scipione Borghese enriched his collection with Renaissance masterpieces by Titian and Raphael as well as works of art dating back to antiquity. The most famous of these is the Borghese Vase, which he displayed on the gallery’s ground floor. Today a highlight of the Louvre, this massive ornamental vase richly decorated with sculptural bas-reliefs is considered one of the most beautiful examples of its kind (belonged to Napoleon for some years after he had purchased it from Camillo Borghese in 1808).
The details on the cone and the forepart of the Patron of Art Homage to Scipione Borghese LE 89 are reminiscent of antique embellishments found on the Borghese Vase. The finely skeletonised cap made of AU 750 gold  gives a tantalising view of the nib, which bears a skilful engraving of the famous vase.
Villa Borghese – Art, architecture and landscape
Scipione Borghese not only enriched Rome with one of the most valuable art collections in the world, he also created the sweeping landscape garden at Villa Borghese. Designed as a place of leisure, with exotic flora and fauna, rare trees and romantic corners, this spacious ensamble of magnificent art and nature attained international fame during the cardinal’s lifetime.
The extraordinary park landscape is reflected in the design of the exceptional clip and skeletonised casing surrounding the barrel, which is reminiscent of the branches of the park’s colossal trees. The drop-shaped stone in the clip is a red garnet (Mozambique Granat: 7,5×5, eye clean, approx. 0,95-1,00 ct) symbolising the cardinal’s love for exquisite details. The cap top, crowned with the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl, is shaped liked a cardinal’s hat, while the cone, made of AU750 gold is adorned with an ancient coin, which features a side portrait of Borghese.

Design features:

·     Skeletonised Au750 barrel anc cap inspired by Villa Borghese park
·     Skeletonised Au750 barrel inlaid with precious stones like: lapislazuli, mammouthivory, paua shell and fossilised dinosaur bone.
·     Water-drop shaped Mozambique Granat (7,5×5, eye clean, approx. 0,95-1,00 ct) set on clip
·     Cone details feature antique motifs from the famous Borghese Vase
·     Cap top crowned with Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl
·     Cap top shaped like cardinal’s hat
·     Cone adorned with coin made from Au 750 with a portrait of Borghese
·     Handcrafted Au 750 gold nib engraved with the Borghese Vase
·     Limited to 89 pieces as a reference to the 89-inch Bernini sculpture Rape of Proserpina

Very few produced (just 89 worldwide).  This model is actually sold out.
The pen comes still in sealed condition with all original packaging, boxes and papers. As new condition. VIP Montblanc Scipione Borghese coffe-table book is included.
Limited Edition ##/89  -> Considering the importance of this writing instrument the limitation number was deliberately hidden and will be revealed to the concerned buyer only.

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