Montblanc John Lennon LE 70 Commemoration (Donation Pens)

Artisan Limited Edition Fountain Pen – 18K Solid White Gold – Skeleton – Year 2010 – Ref: 105811 M

MONTBLANC John Lennon LE 70 Commemoration (Donation Pens)
Artisan Limited Edition Fountain Pen
18K Solid White Gold – Skeleton
Launch: October 2010
Ref: 105811 M

Imagine all the people, Living life in peace… You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one, I hope some day you’ll join us, And the world will live as one

Extract from Imagine by John Lennon, May / July 1971

Unavailable from Montblanc and scarce on the secondary market the Skeleton John Lennon 70 is one of Montblanc’s most eagerly-sought limited edition. It went immediately sold out already during the preview Gala dinner in the presence of Yoko Ono (early October 2010). This example is in mint, unused, full set condition with a very low limitation number that – for privacy reasons – will be revealed to the concerned Buyer only.

A tribute to a contemporary legend of music and art, who supported younger contemporary talent, as well as a tribute to the world-famous co-founder and lead singer of the Beatles and role model for younger talent.
Lennon’s fresh, unconventional sound, full of experimentation and innovation, prompted thunderous approval from audiences everywhere and became the perfect vehicle for his resounding message of peace.
Acting on his desire to do good for mankind and harnessing the power of love, John Lennon used his celebrity to mobilise ordinary people to do extraordinary things, opening new vistas of hope and inspiration all over the world. He was that rare thing: an indipendent mind. A great thinker. A visionary whose influence helped and shaped the intellectual mood of an era. John Lennon celebrated the 70th anniversary of his life and achievements in 2010. This unique edition is limited to 70 pieces in commemoration of the 70th birthday of the legendary musician, celebrated on 9th October, 2010.

Notice for MB Artisan Collectors:

While the MONTBLANC John Lennon 70  does not formally belong to the Great Characters Series (Mahatma Gandhi LE241, Hitchcock LE80, Einstein LE99, Leonardo da Vinci LE74, JFK LE83, Andy Warhol LE100, Miles Davis LE90) – it constitutes nevertheless a natural complement of this series that pays tribute to some of these great people. Moreover, as the new 2017 Skeleton The Beatles 88 is coming soon (the figures with which I am acquainted indicate that it will be a very successful model), the price on the secondary market of the Lennon 70 – first pen dedicated to one of the Fab Four – will automatically grow at a greatly accelerated rate. Nota bene: With this unique edition, Montblanc honoured the John Lennon, his music and his dreams by donating EUR 600 from the sale of each fountain pen to carefully selected cultural projects supporting young artists around the world.

Design Features:

• The design celebrates Lennon’s famous song Imagine. The word “Imagine,” artistically rendered in 18 karat 750 white gold, encircles the John Lennon LE 70 barrel in honor of Lennon’s greatest solo hit.
• The clip is inspired by Lennon’s Gibson guitar
• Translucent blue precious resin shows beneath this unique skeleton overlay, a reference to Lennon’s trademark round blue glasses. Same for the clip adorned with a blue sapphire (circa 0,06 ct) enriched with three diamonds (circa 0,001 ct) set as a chord of Imagine.
• Turning knob cone is lacquered to resemble a pianokeyboard.
• Special squared wooden display box desined as a LP set box, with a facimile of his handwritten lyrics of Imagine
• Medium (M) 750 solid gold nib, rhodium plated engraved with Lennon’s self-portrait. The personal sketch he scribbled so often and with such ease in place of a signature stands as a small but authentic token of a truly remarkable personality.

It comes with all original boxes, papers and packaging and namely: white cardboard outer box, display box with matching black slipcase, booklet and with a facimile of his handwritten lyrics of Imagine.
Limited Edition: ##/70.
Rare – Full Set

We fully support the idea that luxury must be comfortable so, for this kind of product, we offer a worldwide bespoke “delivery in person” service. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us (your emails to or DM via Whatsapp to +33 6 70271787 are welcome and encouraged).

montblanc lennon 70

Comparison between the MONTBLANC John Lennon Artisan Limited Edition 70 and the John Lennon Commemoration Limited Edition 1940 (translucent white lacquer, and 925 sterling silver inlay)

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