Dunhill - Namiki Maki-E fountain pen #3 Balance with lilium flowers and foliage

Circa 1935

#3 Balance Dunhill – Namiki Maki-E fountain pen with lilium flowers and foliage. Circa 1935

Black lacquer ground heavely sprinked with gold powder togidashi maki-e to the cap and barrel, with taka maki-e foliage and lilium flowers, signed Namiki in Kanji, with a red Kao. Maki-E artist: Kohichi (光一). Dunhill – Namiki No.3 wonderfully responsive nib stamped 14ct (Made in Japan). Lever filling system, Fully working condition (new sac has been set up). There are minor wear to the lacquer work throughout commensurate with age and use. Original section and feed. No cracks nor dents. A very elegant and harmonious pen.


dunhill namiki pen

Namiki Dunhill 3 Balance

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