Still factory sealed. Medium (M) nib. Year 2004

MONTBLANC Artisan Edition Teatro alla Scala di Milano Limited Edition 78
18k 750 white gold w/ black lacquer inlays
Launch: December 2004
Ident: 35256
Still factory Sealed (!)

La Scala di Milano, teatro lirico d’eccellenza

The stairs to opera heaven

A unique creation designed to celebrate the renovation (completed on December 7th 2004) of the Teatro alla Scala di Milano, one of the most famous opera houses world-wide. One of Montblanc’s most visually dramatic masterworks, this sublime instrument takes inspiration from the world-renowned Teatro alla Scala opera house in Milan, constructed in 1778.

In 1778, after a construction period of just 23 months, an opera house which still today is one of the most renowned venues celebrated its premiere: La Scala in Milan. The Theatre opened its first season with Antonio Salieri’s opera L’europa riconosciuta. The enthusiasm with wich the operatic world reacted brought Salieri, who was born in Legnano in 1750, to prominence for the first time. Up to his death in 1825 the composer, who has been defamatorily depicted as an embittered adversary of Mozart, wrote more than 40 operas and, as a music teacher, earned the esteem of famous pupils susch as Schubert, Liszt and Beethover. In order to draw the attention of the musically interested public and the Italian wealthy nobility, the leading neoclassical architect Giuseppe Piermarini was entrusted with the design and contruction of the building. With legendary first performances such as Turandot by Puccini, Aida by Giuseppe Verdi and Bellini’s Norma, the opera house exerted a decisive influence on the development of international operatic history in the following years.

This dazzling pen is crafted from 18K – 750 solid white gold with black lacquer overlays evoking the great opera house’s columns and balconies. Diamonds circle the cap ring, and all fittings are engraved with motifs echoing the style of the opera house. 750 – 18K rhodium plated gold nib engraved with the image of Antonio Salieri. The pen comes with all original boxes, papers and packaging (i.e. white outer cardboard box, pictorial outer box, black lacquered presentation box, booklet). Nota bene: the outer box is still factory sealed in the original plastic wrap. Non plus ultra condition (factory shrinkwrapped). Conceived for top level MB Artisan Collectors only. A pen well worthy of a standing ovation.

The Limited Edition Teatro alla Scala, made in 2004, is limited to 78 pieces worldwide made by a master craftsman using the finest materials and pllying the utmost precision. Each pen bears an engraved limitation number. The actual number will be revealed to the winner only, this done to protect our privacy.

Design Features:

Notice for MB Artisan Collectors:

In addition to the concerned model here offered for sale (Teatro alla Scala LE78), the Teatro alla Scala series consist of:

A Special Montblanc Meisterstück #149 with a unique engraving on the cap and a specific packaging including a sepia ink (Limited Edition 2004) as well as two Ateliers Privés creations: MB Teatro alla Scala Limited Edition 7 (Ident: 35911 – launched on December 2004) and MB Teatro alla Scala Limited Edition 1/1 (Ident: 35912 – sold after a private auction among a select few of MB best clients).

We fully support the idea that luxury must be comfortable so, for this kind of product (Montblanc Artisan Edition), we offer a worldwide bespoke “delivery in person” service. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us ( or Whatsapp +33 6 70271787).

Montblanc Teatro Alla Scala

 The below attached photos of the pen are for reference only. The actual pen is still factory sealed inside the box.

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