Special Theme Limited Edition 333 – Platinum Plated – Year 2001

MONTBLANC Meisterstück #149 Skeleton Limited Edition 333 Platinum Plated – Year 2001
Ref. 33349 M

An undisputed classic of modern pen design, and one of Montblanc’s most sought after writing instruments. The highly sophisticated art of skeletonising (a precise craft by which parts of a writing instrument are exposed) transforms it into a trasparent work of art. To celebrate the 75th birthday of the Meisterstück (Masterpiece in English, Chef-d’œuvre in French or Capolavoro in Italian), in 1999 Montblanc’s master craftsmen created the first fountain pen in history to use this delicate techinque: the iconic Montblanc Meisterstück Skeleton Limited Edition 75, which caused a sensation all around the world (we currently have this important reference in our company stock so if you want to learn more on this iconic museum piece, please have a look to this page) . This Special Theme Skeleton Edition, launched in 2001, is a tribute, true to the last detail, to the first-ever skeletonised fountain pen (year 1999). The transparent, platinum-plated barrel artistically reveals the delicate workings of this much sought-after collectors’ item. The cap is decorated by a Montblanc star in shimmering mother-of-pearl and the ruthenium-plated 18-cts gold nib captures the eye with its delicate hand engravings. One of only 333 pieces issued. Scarce.

Design Features:

Platinum-plated brick lattice over clear precious resin. Mother-of-pearl captop MB star/emblem, large 149-sized body. Medium (M) 18k  750 carats rhodium plated gold nib in large Diplomat size.

It comes with all original packaging and paperwork. Box sealed in the factory plastic wrap. So, still factory sealed (!) condition (outer box, black lacquered wooden display box with an unique design, service guide).

The below attached photos of the pen are for reference only. The actual pen is still factory sealed inside the box.

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