Retail Edition – Year 2008 – Ref. 104322 – Rare is an understatement


White Gold 750 and diamonds
Medium (M) Nib
Year of production: 2008
Ref: 104322

No matter what country you are from, when you take a bird’s eye view of the planet, we are all from Earth. There is only ONE Earth

In helping others we will also find our own happiness

Jet Li, Founder of One Foundation

The Skeleton models from Artisan Department are, as you know, Montblanc’s most eagerly-sought limited edition. Well, the pen you have now in front of you has a special place into this exclusive family. This is the very first time that a Ref. 104322 (Montblanc One Foundation Retail Edition LE30) makes its guest appearance on the secondary market. An undisputed classic of modern pen design, and one of Montblanc’s most sought-after instruments. This is a unique opportunity to enter this model into your personal Montblanc Artisan Collection. A fascinating minimalist skeletal framework set with the most exquisite diamonds and crafted from 750 18K white gold, the Limited Edition Montblanc One Foundation is limited to 30 pieces worldwide. Each one of these highly exclusive writing instruents was made by a master craftsman using the finest materials and applying the utmost precision. As a sign of its uniqueness each pen in this exclusive edition bears an engraved limitation number.  The example here offered for sale comes in mint, unused, full set condition with a very low and appealing limitation number that – for privacy reasons – will be revealed to the concerned Buyer only. As clearly unmistakeable as Jet Li’s philosophy for the One Foundation, a perfect diamond (1.05 Carat) with a unique, patented form is set in the top of the cap. Cut by Montblanc maestros and in the shape of Montblanc emblem, it represents an absolute pinnacle of modern craftmanship. In addition to the 5 rings of diamonds encircling this incredible writing instrument, the cap features a sparkling “1” set with diamonds. This is a symbol for ONE world, ONE life and ONE global family, as well as the internationally recognized logo of the One Foundation. Its original form, as a smiling face with “1” in the centre, is artistically engraved on the hand finished Medium (M) 18K 750 white gold nib in large Diplomat size. It comes with all the original boxes, papers and packaging: i.e.: white carboard outer box, outer box, black lacquered wood display box, service guide/International Reply Card (blank).
Limited Edition: ##/30

One Foundation: The One Foundation, formally known as the Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Fund is a Chinese non-governmental organization, originally founded by Chinese Red Cross ambassador Jet Li on April 19, 2007, which focuses on disaster relief, children’s welfare, training of public welfare professionals, and funding grassroots charities. It was registered in 2010 as the first private charitable fundraising organization in China. Its headquarters is in Shenzen, with offices in Beijing and Shanghai. The foundation’s motto is “Charity by All, Doing What I Can”.

Notice for MB Artisan Collectors: there is a strong connection between the MB One Foundation 30 (Year 2008) and the MB Skeleton 333 Platinum plated (Year 2001). So, you find below a comparison between these spectacular pens (both available in our actual company stock).
Let’s star with similarities: both have the same size (MB Meistertück 149 size).
Both have a fully skeletonized body and cap.
Now, the first difference regards the material.
The Montblanc Skeleton 333 has a Platinum-plated brick lattice over clear precious resin.
On the other hand the MB One Foundation LE30 shows a fascinating minimalist skeletal framework crafted from 750 18K white gold. It is the only one MB 149 Skeleton pen in solid white gold (to be exact it exists also another one: the legendary Unique Piece 1/1 that Mr Michael Schumacher gave to Mr Jean Todt (avid MB collector) in 2004 to celebrate 10 years of friendship).
The second difference concerns the presence of 5 rounds diamonds in the One Foundation (no diamonds on the 333 Skeleton)
Another important difference concrens the top cap. The Skeleton 333 has a mother-of-pearl captop star. The solution that MB applied on the One Foundation pen is very interesting and appealing. For the very first time Montblanc fixed a star-shaped diamond in the cap top (with a fluctuation effect). It has been very difficult to realize this idea from a technical point of view.
Last remaining difference regards the nib. A classic 18K rhodium-plated gold nib in large Diplomat size for the Skeleton 333 versus a 18K specific nib  engraved with a smiling face with a “1” in the centre for the One Foundation 30.

Finally, I’ve found this interesting video (credit: Dassan Lee, Youtube)

We fully support the idea that luxury must be comfortable so, for this kind of product (Montblanc Artisan Edition), we offer a worldwide bespoke “delivery in person” service. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us (your emails to or DM via Whatsapp to +33 6 70271787 are welcome and encouraged).

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