MONTBLANC 2018 Patron of Arts Ludwig II Limited Edition 4810

Homage to King Ludwig II of Bavaria (a.k.a. The Swan King)
Limited Edition 4810
Year 2018


MONTBLANC 2018 Patron of Arts Homage to Ludwig II Limited Edition 4810 (a.k.a. The Swan King)

Ref. 117843

Mod. M28503

Year 2018


Es ist notwendig, sich Paradiese zu schaffen, poetische Zufluchtsorte, wo man auf einige Zeit die schauderhafte Zeit, in der wir leben, vergessen kann

“It is essential to create paradises, poetic refuges, where one can forget the dreadful times in which we live”

King Ludwig II of Bavaria

Ludwig II : Monarch, Fairy-Tale King and patron of the arts

In a letter to his former governess, King Ludwig II of Bavaria, known to feel passionately about art and music, wrote “I want to remain an eternal mystery to myself and others” and people continue to be fascinated by the enigmatic figure. His call to duty came at the age of 18 when he held the destiny of a kingdom in his young hands. A proponent of absolutism, he revered a romantic ideal of kingship as represented by the French Sun King Louis XIV. After the restriction of Bavaria’s sovereignty in 1870 , Ludwig retreated more and more from the political arena and devoted his energies instead to music and art. Richard Wagner ‘s ‘Lohengrin’ was the first opera Ludwig ever attended and it would have a permanent influence on his aesthetic ideals. The swan became his royal emblem.

Also called the Fairy-Tale King and the Swan King, he exercited his penchant for elaborate castles by building three architectural masterpieces: Linderhof, Herrenchiemsee and Neuschwanstein, the fanciful vision of a medieval fortress. The swan, ever-present in Ludwig’s castles, inspired the design of this model with its swan feather guilloche pattern underneath the white lacquer on the cap. A swan’s graceful neck and head give the champagne-tone gold-coated clip its elegant shape. In reference to the code assigned to the opera ‘Lohengrin’ in the catalogue of Wagner’s works, “WWV 75” is engraved on the chmpagne-tone gold-coated cap ring. Commemorating the world-famous fairy-tale castle Neuschwanstein, the MB 2018 Homage to Ludwig II bears a fine engraving of the castle on the handcrafted Au 750 gold nib. The shape of the cone is inspired by one of the castle’s turrets. In homage to the visionary Fairy-Tale King, the blue lacquer of the barrel is inspired by the colour of his robe. The fine engraving on the cone symbolises the stamping from the monarch’s royal seal. Another detail inspired by the royal seal is the champagne-tone gold-coated crown, which glorifies the top cap.

The pen has never been used nor inked. All original boxes and papers. It comes with Montblanc Swan Illusion Ink – Ink Bottle (ref. 118213, 50 ml). Dedicated to the “Swan King”, Ludwig II, the plume coloured ink is inspired by the tender shades of swan feathers. The glass ink bottle is filled with 50ml of Montblanc Swan Illusion ink.



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