MONTBLANC Skeleton Axis Mundi 750 White Gold Artisan Limited Edition 101

Ref. 104698 // Launch: January 2009

MONTBLANC Skeleton Axis Mundi 750 White Gold Artisan Limited Edition 101

Ref. 104698 // Launch: January 2009

With this futuristic Limited Edition creation Montblanc honors the Taipei 101, the striking and monumental new emblem of Taiwan. Limited to the height of the Taipei 101 as homage to one of the highest building on Earth, carrying the spirit of the axis mundi: the connection of the Earth and the Universe, the link between tradition and a a belief in progress.

Mythology meets the modern world: the axis mundi and Taipei 101

The axis mundi, the cosmic axis, has, for millenia, symbolised mankind’s goal of climbing one step closer to the heavens and the gods. At the same time, it is an expression of the connective power of the world and the cosmos. Since time immemorial, the peoples of the world have assumed that their own native lands was the centre of the world and that it rotated on its own axis. This cosmic axis was originally trees, hills or mountains which were worshipped, sanctified and scaled to be nearer the gods and the heavens. In the course of cultural history, structures wrought by human hands superseded these natural elevation: pyramids, towers and tamples climbed heavenward and embodied worldly power alongside the spirit of axis mundi. Fascination with this cosmic axis striving towards the heavens continues even today. No other contemporary object expresses the ancient myth of the axis mundi more boldly than Taipei 101, the new emblem of Taiwan (ROC). A breathtaking monolith that semms to touch the sky and thus carries the spirit of the axis mundi into the XXI century: the connection of the earth and the universe.

Taipei 101: Supreme expression of Asian architecture and culture

The Montblanc Axis Mundi LE101 is a homage to Asian culture and its creative power, a power which has reached its zenith in the Taipei 101 – the fascinating cosmic axis of the XXI century, which towers 508 meters into the sky and combines Asian tradition with visionary thinking in its 101 floors.

Both the façade and the interior of Taipei 101 have been conceived to follow the rules of Feng Shui to allow the Qi, the energy of life, to flow into the architecture. The four colossal antique coins on Taipei 101, vertically tapered plinth symbolise luck and prosperity – on the Limited Edition Axis Mundi, they grace the intersection between the barrel and the cone.

Design Features:

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For privacy reasons the limitation/serial number will be revealed to the concerned Buyer only. We fully support the idea that luxury must be comfortable so, for this kind of product (Montblanc Artisan Edition pens), we offer a worldwide bespoke “delivery in person” service. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

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A magnificent design, one of Montblanc’s most iconic 149 sized skeleton pens. The concerned pen comes in as new / mint / Full Set condition. White outer cardboard box, Outer box, lacquered wood presentation box, booklet/ Certificate. Never used, never inked. Still with plastic film around section. Limited Edition: ###/101

Axis Mundi

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