MONTBLANC Airbus A380 Skeleton Limited Edition 380 Fountain Pen

Ident : 38948 // Launch : September 2007

MONTBLANC Airbus A380 Skeleton Limited Edition 380 Fountain Pen

A virtuoso writing instrument inspired by the dramatic design of the world’s biggest airliner : the A380

Ident : 38948

Launch : September 2007

Limited Edition: ###/380.

There are more things in haeven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet (I, v, 166-167) William Shakespeare

Montblanc pays tribute to a milestone in aviation, the Airbus A 380. Crafted of gleaming 750 18 karat solid white gold. The breakthough double-decker design of the plane is reflected in the twin rows of portholes in the barrel, through which dark blue precious resin is glimpsed. A total of 42 diamonds adorn the rings of the writing instrument, while the top of the cap bears the Montblanc star in 750 white gold (unique case in existing MB production). An engraved 18 carat gold nib with platinum plating adds the perfect finishing touch to this exceptional Limited Edition airbus A380. A splendid instrument, one of Montblanc’s most compelling designs. Medium 18K platinum-plated gold nib. Outer box, display box, booklet.

The dream of flight

For thousands of years, mankind has yearned to overcome gravity and soar like a bird. This dream has only become reality during the past 100 years. Visionary technology and the spirit of innovation have culmineted in an aircraft that sets new benchmarks in every area – the Airbus A380, the biggest and most advanced airliner in the world.

The new star of the aviation world

The 18th of January 2005 was an exceptional day for civil aviation, with the first public unveiling of the Airbus A380 at a special ceremony marking a milestone in the 21st century air travel. This aircraft was made possible by the skills and commitments to innovation demonstrated by Airbus employees worldwide. They are driven by passion and and pride : passion for their work and pride in their achivements. Attention to detail, superlative craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation are values that Montblanc and Airbus both share. The craftsmen at Montblanc, with their passionate attention to the finest detail, create exclusive writing instruments and crown their achievement with their legendary white star ; the world renowned symbol for the very highest standards of writing culture. Proven expertise joins with visionary ideas to create outstanding writing instruments like the Montblanc Skeleton A380 Limited Edition.

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