MONTBLANC Writers Limited Edition Imperial Dragon 3-piece Set

Ref: 28701 Fountain Pen & Mechanical Pencil / Ref: 28610 Ballpoint
Year 1993 – Limitation number: #602 (matching number)

IMPERIAL DRAGON 3-piece Set (Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen, Mechanical Pencil)

Year 1993
Ref: 28701 Fountain Pen & Mechanical Pencil
/ Ref: 28610 Ballpoint
Limitation number: #602 (matching number)

For generations the dragon, like no other mytological creature, has fascinated people – especially in the Far East. An awe-inspireing, fire-breathing fabled beast and a symbol of omnipotence, goodwill and wisdom, the dragon has also always been an inspiration and a central element of classic works by authors of fantasy literature. The Writers Limited Edition Imperial Dragon gives this glorious creature new like and demonstrates why the dragon has fascinated people for centuries.

Variant of the Agatha Christie set created for the Asian market. Black resin, sterling silver dragon clips, jeweled eyes. Fountain pen, ballpoint, mechanical pencil. Medium 18K two-tone nib with dragon motif. No packaging. Limited Edition: each numbered 602 within its respective limitation (Note: 5000 fountain pens, 3500 ballpoints and 1500 pencils were made; thus, 1500 or fewer complete matching-numbered sets were released).

Nota bene:

After the success obtained in 1992 with the Hemingway pen (first Montblanc belonging to the writers limited edition series) MB launched in 1993 a new model dedicated to the english novelist Agatha Christie based on the classic style of the early 1920s. Two versions came out: one in 925 solid silver and the other one in 925 Vermeil. The same year (1993), MB decided to launch, specifically for the eastern market, a special version decorated by an elaborately made dragon clip. In this case there is a 925 silver version and another version in 750 solid gold limited to 888 pieces worldwide. Today, after more than 20 years, these pieces are highly appreciated by Montblanc collectors all around the world and the prices of these writing instruments are greatly growing.

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